Fall Activities for You and the Family

Fall Activities for You and the Family


The season you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. There is nothing like the autumn leaves, crisp air, and layered clothing that fall has to offer. The fall season offers some of the best opportunities for activities you can do with your family. Here are some thought starters to have you making the most of this fall season.

  1. Apple Picking Trip: Canada is home to many apple orchards. Fall is the perfect time to go apple picking, and bring home enough apples for apple pie, apple cider, and more. Bring the family, and they will be sure to enjoy the photo-ops, fresh air, and fresh produce that comes home with you.  
  2. Jump! Your childhood memories likely include that time where a huge pile of leaves softened your fall time after time in the autumn season. Leaf-jumping is a great activity for the family, and will surely get major laughs out of the kids. Just make sure that pile is big enough to soften the fall!
  3. Pumpkin Decorating: You cannot let the fall season go by without carving or decorating a pumpkin. At this time, pumpkin prices are super affordable, and you can buy one for each member of the family. You can be traditional and carve a pumpkin, or if you have younger kids, you can decorate pumpkins using glue, paint, and art accessories like felt and sequins.
  4. Trick-Or-Treating: Last but definitely not least, the undisputed top family activity in the fall is trick or treating. Try being creative and making your own costume this year instead of purchasing one that’s ready-made.  

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