Our in-depth understanding of our clients is what gives WDB + Associates the ability to provide expert financial advice that delivers value. We craft a comprehensive wealth plan that documents the specifics of your situation and identifies solutions that align with your goals and objectives.

We believe in fostering a partnership with you, and in developing a complete understanding of your financial goals and objectives, so you can check them off over the course of your life. Together, we work closely to understand your unique personal, family and business circumstances. Once we clarify an accurate picture of you, we provide custom tailored financial and insurance solutions. Regular communication and ongoing expert advice ensure that you continuously receive a superior level of service, as we address changes in your life cycle or economic conditions, and encounter innovative products that become available to you.

You’ve worked hard to accrue your wealth, and you want someone working just as hard to preserve it. We understand the investment challenges associated with a volatile global economy. We work with each client to determine an appropriate disciplined strategy based on your personal objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs and tax requirements.

Our team has developed a series of wealth management and investment tools to protect our clients’ retirement plans. In fact, our advisors are frequently personally invested in the same investment and insurance vehicles as our clients. That’s because if it’s not good enough for our families, we won’t recommend it to our clients.

While your accountant can help with your tax return, our advisors combine insurance and tax planning strategies to keep more of your wealth in your pocket, and your assets available when you need them most.

By taking a holistic approach to your financial portfolio, we ensure that you’re covered from end to end, and that your financial future is working to its maximum potential.

We all have to pay taxes, but proper planning can make all the difference come tax time. Our expert advisors will help to structure your tax portfolio using the most efficient means available.

If your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, there are plenty of options available to cover health expenses for you and your family. As an independent firm, we work with a long list of health care insurance providers and are able to deliver the best plans for your needs. Why pay out of pocket when you can have your personal or family health insurance plans cover expenses like dental, prescriptions, optometry, RMT massages, and more?

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In the event that an illness or injury renders you unable to work, disability insurance provides monthly income replacement, substituting a portion of your paycheques while you’re away from work. In some cases, these sums may even be non-taxable.

Disability coverage operates in a variety of ways, and our advisors specialize in ensuring that your policy is the best one for you. At times when you need to devote your full attention to your recovery and well-being, you can rest assured that you have a plan in place to protect you and your family from financial hardship.

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Critical illness plans offer lump sum cash payouts in the event of a significant illness. These payouts are non-taxable, and can provide you with financial means when faced with a significant medical situation. Our advisors recognize that it can be difficult to plan for the unknown – particularly for misfortunes that we hope will never occur. We work to ensure that our clients don’t need to worry about their financial circumstances during the times that matter most.

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In our later years, many people are surprised to find that certain long-term care costs are not covered by the public healthcare system. These costs may be temporary or permanent, so we plan ahead for your future needs.

Long-term care plans may reimburse expenses such as private nursing or accommodations at long-term care facilities. They may also provide monthly stipends to help you cover your expenses, thereby eliminating a significant concern so that you and your family can fully enjoy your golden years.

Life insurance provides income protection for your loved ones in the event of your passing. It offers mortgage and debt protection, and allows you to leave the legacy you’ve envisioned for your family. Plus, it can be used as a tax-efficient planning vehicle for your future.

The number of life insurance plans available to you can seem overwhelming. Our advisors take the time to help you sift through the options and select plans that will provide your loved ones with ongoing financial security. Our technical understanding of the benefits and complexities of life insurance plans ensures that you and your family will understand your options – fine print and all – and select the best solutions for you.

In the last five years, there have been more legislative changes to life insurance policies than the industry has seen in almost 75 years. Our seasoned advisors are able to decipher industry products and trends, and stay one step ahead of the changes so that our clients are cared for and covered – today and tomorrow.

Estate planning protects the assets you’ve worked to grow throughout your life. Without planning for the future of your estate, your family is at risk of paying higher taxes or losing liquidity of the assets you’ve put aside for them.

Our seasoned advisors tailor tax-efficient plans to your specific needs so that you can leave as much of your wealth as possible for your loved ones. With smart strategies and expert planning, we help ensure that your loved ones receive the gifts that you want them to have.

Your largest source of income is likely your business, and you should plan to maintain some control over the entity you’ve built and nurtured. Business succession planning ensures that your business assets are transferred to your loved ones in the way you’d like them to be.

Our seasoned advisors will guide you through the important decisions that will determine how and when your assets will be transferred. We leverage proven strategies to ensure that the fruits of your labour are passed on in the most effective and tax-efficient ways possible.

There are risks involved with any business or partnership. Our business advisors identify and assess the risks facing your business, and put mechanisms in place to monitor and limit them in the future. Partnership and shareholder agreements typically neglect to fund the terms of the agreements. We develop strategies that protect business owners and co-owners from unforeseen circumstances, and ensure that the future of your business is secure and adaptable to a variety of possible scenarios.

Finding great employees is challenging, and once you find them, you’ll want to make them feel valued, appreciated and secure. Employee group benefits can be a deciding factor for a candidate to accept a position at your company, and to stay there for the long run.

Our insurance specialists offer the latest innovative approaches and products that matter to current and potential employees. Protect your greatest assets: ask how our useful and flexible group benefit plans can help you recruit and keep your employees.

Nurture your key talent by investing in their future. We know what executives care about and we work together with business owners to implement the plans that satisfy your company and employee needs at affordable prices. With pension plans, retirement compensation agreements and insurance retirement plans, we ensure that your employees have access to the latest corporate offerings to serve them – and your business – better.

With proper strategic planning, insurance can protect your assets from creditors. As a full service firm, we determine the best solutions for our clients’ personal and business needs, and provide the most efficient, cost-effective risk management tools available. Our insurance and credit specialists leverage dynamic solutions to protect your assets should the need arise.