Travelling This Spring?

Make Sure You Have Enough Coverage

Travelling This Spring? Make Sure You Have Enough Coverage


As the spring flowers bloom and the weather warms up, many families will begin planning a much-needed spring vacation. Nothing takes away those winter blues more than spending quality time with loved ones and embarking on an adventure in a new and exciting country. To make your trip the most enjoyable it can be, it’s vital to ensure you have insurance protection for you and your family from any potential curveball life may throw at you on your vacation. And the best way to get that coverage is through travel insurance.

Many are under the impression that the coverage provided by their employer or credit card provider is all they need to travel abroad in confidence. But the reality is that there may be instances where that coverage isn’t sufficient. The worst time to find yourself lacking coverage is when an emergency or sudden need arises for your family or yourself on your trip. As part of your trip planning, speak to your adviser about appropriate travel insurance packages.

An appropriate travel insurance policy covers various potential occurrences on your trip that you may encounter. One of the most common issues experienced by travelers is the dreaded lost luggage scenario. Nothing puts a damper on a vacation more than being informed that your luggage has been lost. Be prepared for this whenever it may occur with a comprehensive travel insurance package and assure yourself that your lost luggage won’t take away from the good times you are planning.

One of the most potentially expensive issues you can face on your trip is when it’s health-related. In the event that you or someone on your trip is injured, requires medical attention or an extended stay at a hospital, it’s good to have the confidence that your travel insurance will cover your health-related needs.  Most plans contain a pre-existing condition clause.  This can become problematic if there has been a recent change to your health or a change in your prescribed medication.  You should become familiar with your travel insurance plan to ensure that your pre-existing conditions are covered.  Your advisor can help you understand your policy details.

What if you unexpectedly need to cancel your trip? Everyone is aware of the airlines’ outrageous cancellation fees and the best way to feel secure about cancelling a trip is by having proper travel insurance. A good travel insurance package will cover your costs for cancellation so that you can rest easy, knowing that cancelling your trip will not cost you an arm and a leg.

No one likes to think of the potential pitfalls of travelling, but that does not invalidate all these concerns. Travelling without a proper travel insurance package is not a wise decision to make and the few dollars you think you may be saving can quickly turn into huge losses for you if something were to happen. Be prepared for anything on your trip and find the appropriate travel insurance package that suits you and your family. Contact the experts at WDB + Associates today and let us help you find an insurance package that lets you travel with confidence. Give us a call at 416-646-2433 or visit our website at and start preparing for your spring vacation today!