Winter Activities for the Family

Winter Activities for the Family


The winter season brings unique opportunities to embrace the changing weather and explore the world around us with our families. As Canadians, some of our best memories can be made in the winter. Below is a list of activities that will warm you and your family from the winter chill, and keep you busy when it’s frigid outside.

Check Out Local Festivals, Carnivals, and Markets: Almost any community worth its salt (pun intended?) will make the most of the winter time and hold a public celebration for the season of some sort. Toronto4Kids keeps a regularly updated calendar of family-friendly events happening around the city, so check out your local community resources to see what is available in your neighbourhood. Some of Toronto’s most popular local festivals and events include Winterlicious (prix-fixe culinary adventures through the city), the Winter Village at Evergreen Brickworks (farmer’s market and local vendors), as well as the Distillery Christmas Market.

Ice Skating: A natural activity for the winter, ice skating is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy the best winter has to offer. It is relaxing and therapeutic, and teaching children to skate at a young age is a great way to help build balance and strengthen leg muscles. Ice skating is generally offered at a variety of community centres in most major cities, so consult your local community guide for locations.

Explore Trails: Even in the big cities, one may be surprised at what kinds of trails exist when you venture beyond building snowmen in the front yard. Tremendous transformations in nature take place in winter, so throw on your tallest waterproof boots (or snowshoes, if you have them), a warm jacket, gloves and hat, grab a camera, and explore the hidden beauty in your community’s parks and nature walks. Pull the kids along in the sled and one will get a great workout as well.

Tobogganing: This childhood favourite can actually give you a fantastic workout from hauling a sled (and by now, possibly your children) uphill over and over again just for the rush of hurtling down the hill in thirty seconds. From the classic “Rosebud” style wooden sled to the GT Snowracer to the “crazy carpets” from the local dollar store, tobogganing is a winter-specific joy which never goes out of style.

Hot Chocolate & Cider – When it comes to food and drink, cider and cocoa taste best in the cold of winter. Now is the time to either grab some store-ready varieties or brush up on some recipes. A delicious creamy hot chocolate can be made from simple cocoa powder combined with hot water and chocolate milk. As well, creating a cider recipe can be a fun bonding activity for the family, as everyone can contribute their favourite types of fruit, spices, nuts, and herbs.

WDB + Associates wishes our clients, friends and family a toasty holiday season. We know you’ll be making wonderful memories with your family during this special time. Remember, we’re always here to answer any of your questions and ensure that you and your family are taken care of today, and tomorrow.